About the Author


Yusuf DeLorenzo’s published work includes introductions to, and chapters in, books, articles in professional and law journals, and translations into English from Arabic, Farsi and Urdu (several of which are available from Yusuf’s Amazon Page at


For the past several years Yusuf has been writing fiction, including the series of historical novels, the Muhammad Amalfi Mysteries, set in 1790s Algiers.


He is presently at work on a novel set in Pakistan under military rule during the 1980s. Its working title is  NO SOUL KNOWS. When guns and drugs flow through Pakistan as the CIA assists the mujahideen in their fight against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, a senior Pakistani police official confronts international politics, murder, detention in an uncharted swamp, and a confrontation with a polished religious fanatic to end his career by offering closure to a dead girl’s family and assuages his own misgivings about his father’s burial in a mass military grave on the site of a WWII battleground on the Burmese border.

Yusuf’s short fiction has been published in literary journals, including Nat Rat Anthems in apt (uncapitalized) Literary http://apt.aforementionedproductions.com/2017/06/nat-rat-anthems-by-yusuf-delorenzo/  and Following Ravi Shankar in Right Hand Pointing at https://www.righthandpointing.net/111

Another of his stories, No Time for Bananas was selected as a finalist for the 2017 Orison Anthology Award in Fiction and finished second.

His short story, Doing Timeline is a haunting story of injustice in 1,600 words about a young Muslim in America who, while using the Google Earth Timeline feature, revisits the neighborhood where he was profiled, accused and unjustly incarcerated for setting a house on fire. Doing Timeline, was selected for publication in the special section on Incarceration in the Spring 2020 issue of the Barzakh Magazine. https://www.barzakhmag.net/spring-2020-on-incarceration/2020/6/30/yusuf-delorenzo The story was a quarterfinalist in the 2021 Screencraft Cinematic Short Story Writing Competition.

In June of 2019, Yusuf spoke at the annual conference of the Historical Novel Society in Washington, DC where his presentation on the subject of Algiers under Ottoman Military Rule was titled: Ruling the Waves or Waiving the Rules.

Yusuf DeLorenzo is a member of the Historical Novel Society, the Florida Writers Association, and the Mystery Writers of America.